Who are we?

R-one is not a communication agency, it’s a recognized model, at the moment only in England and United states, not in the rest of world.

R-one, a place suitable for studying projects of interaction as they must be, without being influenced by various constraints particularly in use in the art of communication.

If you should define R-one, you might say it is a multidisciplinary studio formed by designers, photographers, set designers, architects, musicians, audio and video engineers, carpenters, mechanics, philosophers, sociologists and experts in new information and communications technology that address each project together, applying a model of interactive work that places the interaction’s subject in the center of interface design, services , products, environments, digital worlds.

At R-one we have no feasibility problems, we just need to find the appropriate platform, substantially we take care of the aspects of visual communication by translating the customers’s business needs, showing them the strategy to follow and constantly monitoring the route.

Finally, thanks to communication technologies and the modern society’s change of style, the time of “selfmade” people doing physically everything by their selves, ended. Today we need professionals that amplify the initial idea of the project, whatever it is, according to a synergistic process where all the various skills flow into.